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Aphorist Inc. is a technology company specializing in providing ultra-high resolution mass spectrometric analysis, along with scientific interpretation for the energy and environmental sector. We work with oil, heavy oil, process water and waste water, either directly or through our valued channel partners.

Until recently, highly detailed data and efficient interpretation was unavailable. This often left unknowns and created continual use of trial and error mitigations. The resulting economic, environmental and technological implications can be enormous. Shutting down or retarding production for long-established chemical or mechanical interventions can result in substantial losses of time, money and human resources. Aphorist is changing this.

Focusing on the analysis of complex multi-component mixtures of uncertain composition, and through the use of sophisticated analytical and data analytics approaches, our methods are unique in their ability to identify contaminants. This includes extractions from adverse product streams in aqueous and non-aqueous fluids, derived from energy production, environmental applications, waste water processing and chemical process transformations.

We answer previously unanswerable questions, providing technologists, scientists and systems experts with clear and actionable information, including mitigation strategies.


Mass spectrometry and complex organic mixture analysis have always been intrinsically related. The continuing development of ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometers coupled with several ionization techniques has allowed the most comprehensive molecular characterization of such material so far. In typical mass spectra of organic mixtures, from m/z 150 – 1200, hundreds of thousands peaks can be identified. However, correct formula assignment depends both on how well they are resolved and the mass spectrometer accuracy. Aphorist has developed its own tools to effectively evaluate the resolution and accuracy needed in a given scenario.

CaPA Data Processing

There are several data processing strategies to be applied to the enormous dataset generated by FTICR-MS analyses. Aphorist believes that focusing on client needs is critical for intelligent data processing that ultimately will provide useful information. Hence, Aphorist has developed in-house tools to ensure that the analyst is providing high quality results. Instead of the strictness of data processing and visualization typically found in common FTICR-MS processing software, Aphorist has designed flexible service solutions to unravel the multiple layers of data through different points of view; clients receive data interpretation based on customized plots built in our proprietary software and system.

Starting with CaPA, (the Calibration and Peak Assignment tool), Aphorist provides quick and flexible data processing. Through the use of baseline and peak detection, continuing through calibration, peak assignment, and quality control, CaPA tackles each important step on FTICR-MS data processing in a unique way to ensure that reliable results are produced. To date, there has not been a ultrahigh resolution FTICR-MS dataset that couldn’t be processed by CaPA, including raw data with different resolutions, from different instruments, from different ICR cell designs and different acquisition modes (magnitude and absorption). Aphorist is proud of CaPA and its powerful features have made data processing smarter, more reliable, faster and ever close to exact.


The Ragnarök system makes data visualization, simultaneously deep and straightforward. Aphorist believes that clients deserve more than the surface of the data they paid for, so our analysts investigate many layers of the results generated, under different points of view, looking for key aspects of organic matter transformations. After providing the final report, Ragnarök can be made available to clients for a limited period of time, so they will have the chance to investigate future concerns themselves. Once again, flexibility to provide useful information is the key to our service.


The interpretation and system modelling of data is the final step. Our Quantitative Analysis and Reaction System delivers commentary and results in an easy to understand and highly analytical package. Dependent on the desired outcome, the QaRS output may include; comprehensive outputs, distribution factors, comparative sample reporting, analytical summaries, and graphical presentations. All of these contributions will be given both an executive summary and customized commentary on an as-requested basis. Reports are completely confidential and also include access to our scientific department should the client require further discovery or feedback.

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