The moment you contact our office we will provide you with an outline of our process, service offering and establish a confidentiality agreement. Once we have determined your specific needs you will receive a statement of work, including timelines and expected outputs. This will include the appropriate action plans for sample collection, transportation of materials, utilization of our three step process and any other specialty services required.

Using a defined protocol, samples will be examined and once our service has been concluded we will provide you with a detailed report and access to our team for clarifications and commentary.

Analysis of complex multi-component mixtures and studies of interactions between components is our business. Clients come to us once they have exhausted traditional approaches.

Ultrahigh resolution Mass Spectrometry provides the basis for our analysis, interpretation and commentary.

CaPA technology organizes and structures data allowing us to provide a much more refined and absolute interpretation of complex mixture chemical compositions. Typically, our projects analyze mixtures of hundreds to thousands of components. Automated system description is needed and CaPA provides that.

Ragnarök  allows us to interpret complex system chemistry in terms of major component types, molecular size and functionality. It is the industry leading tool for visualization and analysis of high resolution MS data.

QaRS provides the analysis and commentary. With decades of exposure in the oil, gas and resource sector, our QaRS process utilizes automated and manual systems to create process understanding. While currently, QaRS is implemented manually in large part our automated reaction system analysis tool is under development. The Aphorist Team have many decades of complex chemical system analysis. We are not just analysts but are problem solving chemists.

Example of Services – Our client was experiencing unknown fouling in waste water treatment from SAGD operations. Shutting down operations for conventional mechanical pigging and chemical intervention was proving to be excessively costly with downtimes and unsatisfactory solutions. Conventional testing and analysis was not heeding acceptable results. Aphorist was asked to utilize our ultra-high resolution system and superior analytic software to find a better result.

Solution – We began the process by meeting with the required persons to determine the required outcomes and understand their water processing methods. We assisted in determining sampling points, extraction and ionization requirements. Aphorist then processed multiple samples from various processing stages and provided the necessary chemical analysis to solve a problem that had been plaguing production for years. Aphorist experts were available 24/7 throughout every stage of the project including after project completion to provide insight, recommendations and review.

Result – We answered a previously unanswerable question and provided the information to help solve the problem.

Monitoring problems with water treatment plants used in industrial operations

Analysis of fracking fluids and flowback water

Origin and fate of organic petromining compounds in tailing ponds

Analysis of wetlands and source waters

Chemical additive characterizations

Assessing the effects of remediation schemes on water soluble organic material

Complex petroleum fractions characterization

Applications for life sciences

Analysis of organic fouling including municipal water systems

Do you have a problem with a complex organic liquid or solid mixture?

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